Thursday, August 19, 2010

wedding crafts

So, got a couple more things done. Painted two pillowcases for the couple (Mr. Corbitt & Mrs. Corbitt) and put the wedding date on the handkerchief that Caity will be wrapping around her bouquet. Downloaded wedding and sand ceremony vows for Caity to look at. Started the wall hanging....finished the champagne glasses yesterday. Also started putting recipes in the cookbook I bought for Caity. It's so's red checked and by Susan Branch with the title of "To My Daughter" on the front. May not get it finished before she leaves, I'll just send her my recipes and she will have to write them in there, lol....

Caity went and ordered her hair flowers from the florist. It is only going to cost $25. She wants lots of different kinds of white flowers like daisies, rose buds and other kinds with white ribbons. She picks it up that Saturday morning.... She isn't wearing a veil, just flowers in her hair. She is riding up on a horse (black and white) and gets off at the end of the aisle for her Dad to walk her down the aisle. The Special Bridesmaid, Emma, will also be standing there to adjust her train and follow behind her. I know, exciting, right?

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