Saturday, August 14, 2010

website design

I am looking for a website design that I can afford. I want lots of control, but also want a simple store layout. I have been looking into GoDaddy and maybe setting one up with Wordpress. Apart from designing it the main concern is security. I anticipate about 20 different types of products in about six categories and 20 fragrances. Not all products will come in all scents. There will be Babies, Signature, Fresh Market, Men, Holiday and Gift Sets. Four scents in each category (except Gift Sets) for a total of about 20 scents. There will be a total of six product lines: Soap & WashesButters & Balms, Scrubs & Soaks, Masks & Toners, Home & Laundry, Perfume & Oils with three products each for a total of 18 products. Not every product line will come in every will vary. No one scent will come in ALL products....many scents will only have one or two product lines. For instance, Baby might have four scents but only be carried in the Soaps & Washes, Butters & Balms, and Home & Laundry for a total of 36 products. Each category will many things to decide.....

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